Is this a larp for me?

The Cold War is a subject many are interested in, and in many different ways. One thing has been clear for the designers from the start: this will not be a James Bond larp. This will be a larp about conflicting loyalties in a world on the edge of war, about who you can and cannot trust. It will also be about diplomacy, and the urge to make a better life, and possibly a better world. 

This larp is made by designers from nine different countries. Both language and culture will be a theme in this larp, which is one of the reasons we want players to portray a country they have strong connections to.

This is a larp for you if you: 

  • want to explore inner conflicts of loyalty
  • want to play in a city when ordinary people who are not part of the larp are around 
  • want to play on the contrast between glamorous parties and bureaucratic paperwork 
  • like the idea of playing a larp where many different languages are used, and where the players’ cultural background will be part of the experience
  • want to play on trust and betrayal 
  • are fine with attitudes such as gender binarism, homophobia, and nationalism being hegemonic in the fiction. (However not misogyny and racism)

This is probably not a larp for you if you: 

  • want to “solve the plot” 
  • want competitive play
  • want a historical correct 360 experience (we play a 1970 larp in a city in 2022)
  • want all the glamor, but nothing of the unglamorous
  • want your co-players to know “everything” about the Cold War
  • want car chasing, kidnapping, guns, drugs, and rock and roll 
  • want to challenge the system and turn everything upside down
  • need a sleek narrative curve ending with catharsis in the final hour of runtime