Sign up

Sign-up is open!
We are excited to announce that the sign-up is open! It will close Sunday February 20th at 22:00 CET (Oslo/Skien time). A few characters will be cast directly and the remaining spots will be allocated based on a modified lottery that takes into account preferences in the sign-up. You can find the sign-up form here.

We are looking for helpers! 

We also need helpers to run this larp, both before and during runtime. Do you want to help us make Allegiance? Please take a look at the form below. If you are not sure whether you want to be a player or a helper, you can sign up for both (in the helper form you can give some preferences on this). You can find the sign-up form here.

Day tickets 

If you want to take part in the experience, but don’t have the time to spend all four days, you can sign up for a day ticket. A day ticket means that you will be a character who is present either Thursday evening/night or Friday after a workshop. The day ticket characters will not necessarily be linked to any of the embassies. You can find the sign-up form here.

We have not yet decided when to close sign up for day tickets. The price will be approximately NOK 500 to NOK 1000.

Facebook group and Newsletter

You can join our Facebook group here.
You can sign up for our Newsletter here.

Ticket price 

The average price for this larp is 4450 NOK. We have many people interested in playing this larp who come from countries where the average salary is significantly lower than in (for example) Western Europe. 

For residents in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine the average price is estimated to be 1450 NOK (€145). 

Subsidized tickets are available from 450 NOK (€45) for players from all countries.

To make it possible for people with all kinds of backgrounds, we encourage those of you who can to contribute extra. For each player who pays NOK 1000 extra, someone else will be able to play for NOK 1000 less.

We strongly encourage those of you who can afford it to make a contribution to make this larp a truly international event with the possibility for everyone to play. On the other hand, please don’t be afraid to select a subsidized ticket if that is the only option you can afford. This also goes for people in high-income countries who are less well off.

Where and when
Skien, Norway, October 6 – 9 2022